Vaan Conspiracy

The Vaan Conspiracy is often considered as a single civilization by outsiders, and does in fact share a common technological index among it’s members and have undergone a series of recent cultural changes in recent years to further the concept of a collective, but is still working toward full unity. Currently, they inhabit an irregularly-shaped territory around seven Prime Spheres, with their reach extending out into nearby planes as well as holding control of a number of interinstantial vortecies and claiming the area around the city of Sigil.



The Aware

After having witnessed a near-apocalyptic cataclysm on the Plains of Sora after the Chaos Beast spontaneously and forcibly converted three major divine entities into pure energy, a group of Vaan Expeditionary Corps scouts left their commissions and started working to find out the truth about The Game. The group has developed near cult-like tendencies in the last century, but remains true to it’s cause of peeling back the layers of cosmic intrigue.

Vaan Expeditionary Corps (VEC)

Founded at the beginning of the Conspiracy to discover new territories to expand into, and act as diplomatic envoys to potential new Conspiracy-members, the VEC now serves as the primary military force of the Vaan conspiracy.


Through the VEC’s efforts, the Vaan Conspiracy has amassed quite an extensive array of maps and scouting reports covering almost every reachable corner of the multiverse, but constantly finds itself discovering new and unexplored sections. Working under a strict set of guidelines, the VEC makes a point not to interfere with the existences of under-developed civilizations and goes to great lengths to avoid being noticed by any civilization until they’ve been deemed non-aggressive.


The Vaan maintain a strong level of arcano-industrial technology, with serious advancements revolutionizing their standard of life every decade or so; the VEC maintains a considerable amount of experimental technology gathered from outside species. Currently, the standard VEC trooper is equipped with titano-force light plate, quartz invisibility amulets and a repeating scout musket.

Notable Vaan Citizens

Lt. Janessen
High-Covecator Bensor
General Asph-Amaktur

Vaan Conspiracy

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